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Why Branding?

Branding Is Storytelling.

Your music tells a story and your public image must be equally strong and engaging. You want to look as good as your music sounds. You’re not telling the same story as anyone else so why should you blend in? 

Look Professional. Attract Attention.

Visual consistency implies professionalism. If you forego a professional visual image and cut corners, you will look cheap. When you brand your persona, you control how the public perceives you. Be in control. 

First Impressions Are Key.

Humans are visual creatures and people will likely see your logo or branding before they hear your music. This first impression will tell each potential fan exactly where you are at in your career. Tell them you’re legit. 

From Artist To Audience.

A consistent brand is easier to recognize. At New Next we expertly transfer your spirit and audible essence into a visual symbol and cohesive identity that fans can understand, appreciate, and remember. 


Who Are You?

Believe it or not, people will read your bio if it is written correctly. Whether it's in a press kit, magazine feature, on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, you can give future fans an opportunity to take an interest in you.


Paragraph 1: Mission Statement

This is a 3 sentence “Elevator Pitch.” You’re in an elevator with a potential fan. Explain your band/project/sound and give them your business card by the time they get to their floor.

a. What is your project like?

b. What kind of music do you play? Who do you sound like?

c. What sets you apart from other bands within your genre?

Paragraph 2: Band Members

Keep it short and simple in 1 or 2 sentences. If you have multiple members, don’t sell your group on individual talents. Sell the whole thing!

a. Names

b. Key roles

Paragraph 3: Story Time

Show your band/project is interesting and has personality in 3 sentences. Impress and intrigue.

a. How did you meet?

b. Where have you played? For how many people?

c. What/where has been your greatest show so far? Why?


Two versions are required for different publication formats.

a. Long form: 500 words recommended. 750 words max. 3 paragraphs.

b. Short form: 250 words. 1 paragraph. Cut “Band Members” and “Story Time” to 1 sentence each.


Work Samples

We are proud of the work we create for our amazing clients. Here's a sampling of past and present projects.


Our Team

New Next is a group of Graphic Design, SEO, PR, Marketing, and English experts who are dedicated to a higher level of visual professionalism in the world of music.



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